My Favourite Bloggers

I've been blogging for almost 2 years now, Living A World is something I love writing, and there are some blogs out there which are totally different to mine, but inspire me all the same. I think there's sometimes a worry about having a blog which translates to a fear of being un-original. All blogs are one, and one blog is all, right? Well, not really.

Sure, there's an idea that blogs all look the same - but of course they're going to be similar - it's functional and trend based. Big logo, minimal templates, clear formatting. Then there's the issue of the blog content being the same. This is basically impossible, because unless you plagiarise, you couldn't possible have the same content as someone else. We are all so different from one another, and each blog is an extension of it's creator. I love blogs, and since started blogging my appreciation for them has grown massively. 

So anyway, here are some blogs which I've been loving for a really long time. Without sounding cliche, they totally inspire me.

The Chriselle Factor

Let's start with the basics, Chriselle is just amazing. She's Korean, funny and she's so cool. She's like, the prefect LA girl. 

I love everything she does, and never get tired of her. I always want to watch her youtube videos, I ALWAYS want to watch her snapchat and her instagram is forever on point. 

I love her blog because she has a good mix of fashion, video and a lot of skincare, which I seem to be more and more into as I age. 

You have to check out her YouTube channel!

Why so cool?!

Why so cool?!

I want everything -

I want everything -

BONUS - she has the cutest little baby EVER! 

Hannah Gale

I've been following Hannah's blog since it was a baby and she had 600 followers on Instagram. She only gets better. Hannah's blog is so refreshing. She's always very real and mega witty and it makes it relatable to me and I guess everyone else that ever lived. I'm also pretty sure she invented the formidable internet 'list' (22 reasons why being in your late twenties is ace - type thing). 

I love to check out her honest opinions on holidays, food and body image.  

BONUS -  she has 2 VERY sweet kitties.  

The Wanderlister+ 

The Wanderlister+ is a Hong Kong based blog that covers all things design. In a city with so much going on all the time it's easy to get lost and wrapped up in the hustle and bustle, and to forget that there is so much more going on here.  

His blog inspires me to write more about design and for that, I love it.

BONUS - JJ is always out and about searching Hong Kong for new and cool design related things

Fashion Me Now

Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now, is my ultimate girl crush. She is so chilled out it's inspiring. Her laid back style is effortless and minimal. She goes on a lot of vacays and her photo diaries are picture perfect, and not at all annoying. She really comes across as very humble and it makes her very likable, like I just wanna be her friend! 


BONUS - she always has links to her 'o-so-cool outfits


Who are some of your favourite bloggers? Would love to discover some new ones!