Good Music According to Me - Part 3

You know when people share tracks on Instagram? Yeah, no-one is going to listen to that. Unless it's Drake's new song or something.

So here's another music post, it's been a while, and I do have it on good authority that people  think I have good taste in music, and seeing as this is my blog, I'm the editor, the writer, the researcher and graphics team, I tend to agree.

I've got some real bangers filled with summery vibes, things to listen to on laid back nights, and hopefully some new music for your little ears!

Really hoping everyone has Spotify, cus I've embedded everything like a true professional, and if you're listening on a hand held device, it should open in the app and you can carry on with what you were doing! Magic. 


Leven Kali, Syd, Do U Wrong

OK this song has been my favourite song all summer. It's just so cool and sexy. I literally love it, just wait till Syd (or Leven?) starts singing at 1:50..  


Litany, Bedroom

The kind of song you imagine listening to if you had a beat up car with no seatbelts, went for night drives and slept on a mattress on the floor in an LA loft.

Sam if you're reading this yeah you played it first blah blah blah whatever


Keita Juma, Calm. Chi

Something for your morning routine, easy going, relaxing and with a touch of cool - always.




808INK, Smile

These guys have managed to make a V fresh sound. They're from South East London and they're amazing and totally original, it's like rap but with music? Has to be heard to be understood.



Mahalia, 17

Is Mahalia actually 17? If she is, wow. She's from Birmingham - so that's cool. The song is very chilled, relatable and she has an incredible voice. 


Sharlene, Fuego - Me Siento Bien

I have no idea who Sharlene or Fuego are or what they're even singing about, but I dare you to try and not dance to this song. It's been in my ears all summer.


Jesse Elvis - All Good

How to even describe this song? I feel like as soon as you hear it, you just can't stop. It's all so unexpected and well put together. I really dig this song, and look forward to hearing more from Jesse Elvis. It has surprisingly few plays. A modern day love song, gaurenteed to get stuck in your head. 


Joji - Yeah Right

OK, so the most listeners listening to this song are in Taipei, Taiwan? This blows my mind. It's again, another very laid back, chilled song someone cool would probably smoke cigarettes to on a balmy evening, in, well I guess, Taipei.



This is the most "Anahita" song on this list. It's a bit odd, there isn't really any singing and what there is, you can't make sense of it, and no-one has heard it, even the song title is obscure in that it's derived from the French Latin word for meteor. Anyway - it's got a modern UK garage feel to it which is one of the many reasons I love it.


Tidus - See you There

OK so Tidus isn't exactly new, but I've recently discovered him and he wasn't just a one track wonder for me on Spotify, I went deep and added most of his songs. Real cool new age rap. 


Perseus - Love in Zanzibar (Original Mix)

To end this 11 course meal of music, I leave you with this masterpiece. It has infinite appeal with that 80's backing that makes it timeless. It's a great party track. Play this at a party and watch the good vibes unfold, I dare you. 


Thanks for listening / reading! I hope you found at least one song or artist in there you love!