Hong Kong Wonder Women

Have you seen Wonder Woman? Of course you have, because it had so much hype, why wouldn't you? And for good reason too. I left the cinema feeling inspired, motivated and karate chopping my way home. 

It got me thinking about women who inspire. More specifically women who inspire me in Hong Kong. I wanted to have a better understanding of the world around me through their eyes and with their words and I did just that. 


Allow to introduce my first Hong Kong Wonder Woman: 

Jo Lorenz

Jo is a stylist and writer and she spends her time between Sydney and Hong Kong. She has a strong online presence and creates unique digital content for her clients, some of which include Moët & Chandon, HBO and Inter Continental Resorts.

In addition to her online work, she also works with some of Asia's most high profile editorial publications, including Elle Decor and Hong Kong Tatler. 

As if that wasn't enough, Jo is also Co-Founder of Underground Disruptors, a not-for-profit clothing and lifestyle label that supports charitable initiatives relating to global liberty, equality and scientific-progression. 

Cover Stories by Jo

I met with Jo over an Al fresco lunch and she arrived every inch the cool professional woman you could imagine. I was nervous at having arranged an interview with someone who had no reason to be there other than to support the greater good of girl power, and that was just so awesome to me. Jo, impeccably dressed, shook my hand and just like that, with an air of Australian ease, it was like we had been friends for years.

Here's what she told me about her life (I mean I asked, and then she told me) 


What are 3 things you love about Hong Kong?

•    I love the energy of Hong Kong. It’s a living and breathing city, with more soul than any other place on earth. It’s real, it’s honest and it’s spectacular.

•    Hong Kong is a land of opportunity. Entrepreneurs are applauded and supported, and on some levels you really can have it all!

•    And finally, I love that my children were born here.


What are 3 things you wish you could change about Hong Kong?

•   The lack of true democracy for its young people

•   The pollution

•   The housing prices!


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

(Shall I spare you the long-winded routine saga about trying to feed and dress two small boys each morning? Why yes. Yes, I shall . . .)

The first (non-Vegemite and cartoon-related) thing I do in the morning is reach for my trusty iPhone and slowly scroll through Instagram, while I slurp on a long black and wait for my bacon to cook!

The smell of black coffee and bacon = happiness in Jo Land!


If there was one moment in your career that changed everything, when would it be?

When I officially went out on a limb and started my own business in 2013. It was a huge step and something I couldn’t have done without the unwavering support of my husband. Having the support of your family and friends means everything. It means you never second-guess your decisions.


How did you define success 10 years ago?

By my bank balance.


How do you define success now?

By my smile lines!


What is your biggest regret?

I know it sounds cliche, but I truly try to live without regrets - they give too much power to the negative! Pragmatic positivity and looking forward is key.


When are you happiest?

Sand in toes, drink in hand, the gentle sound of lapping waves and my three boys happy around me (naturally I am also super tanned and amazingly thin in this scenario).


When do you feel at your most powerful?

After a shot of tequila! Wait, scrap that . . . when experience gives me confidence in my decisions. That’s the good thing about getting older!


What makes up a dream 24 hours for you?

I wake up to the sounds of my beautiful boys giggling with their Dad. They’ve let me sleep in until 9am. Yay! Soft sunlight streams in onto the bed - a gentle breeze though the white linen curtains. I can smell breakfast cooking and hear my husband explain to the boys that after breakfast we’re going to the beach. Did I mention we’re somewhere on the Italian Riviera? Then I hear a Champagne cork pop . . .

All of these beautiful images were provided by the lovely Jo Lorenz.

If you want to check out Jo, her cherubs for children or beautifully curated work, you can find her online platforms here:



Massive thanks to Jo!

Stay tuned for more Wonder Women!