Millennial Pink, or Regular Pink

I told me so. I started this board on Pinterest, and then like, all of a sudden a year or so later - it's a thing. Millennial Pink, or just straight up pink, no? Pink has always been a firm favourite of mine. All of my work at masters level was pretty much pink - kind of like if Barbie did a masters in architecture. 

So, Millennial Pink, someone did tell me that I should share this board on the blog, but thought, who wants to see that? Turns out millennials, they want to see that. 

I'm bored of writing because I'm annoyed I didn't trend forecast, so will stop. Here's some pink. Hope you love it as much as I do - did? Whatever. 

Also, this is the quickest, cheekiest little blog post I've ever done, why did I ever stop? Maybe I'll blog about it. 

Please, witness millennial pink in all it's glory and click the images for full crop!

Was that not enough for you? Need more pink? Head here for more.

For image credits, head over the the Pinterest board where these all originally featured. 

Stay tuned! I think I'll delve a little deeper into the modern millennial rainbow...