I Don't Usually Do This - 3

I fell in love on the internet, again. But this time, It was different. I know I throw around the word 'love' like it's a dying term, like it doesn't mean anything special, but it is special, I just have a lot of love in there and I like to whip it out all the time.

This project, of all of the projects I've seen is probably one the most perfect, the most well designed, the most beautiful. It has a rawness about it that makes it seem unassuming, but it is so elegant and clean that the rawness becomes part of it's sophistication. 

The shades of timber, the colour palette and the tones on the walls make the double height living space seem like dream, the light wanders through and finds it's prefect place almost everywhere. I can't imagine what it would be like to live here.

I don't know if it's my exceptionally frothy coffee or the sunlight filtering through the windows, or maybe even the excessive binge watching of The OA that is making me feel otherworldly, but when I look at this building, I feel like I'm home. 

If I could be any building, I would be this building. For today at least. 


Studio Mumbai, I think I love you.  

See project images below, click for full crop.

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Photos by Helene Binet