It's Getting Hot in Here

Good things come in boxes that fit inside the palm of your hand

Good things come in boxes that fit inside the palm of your hand

Ordinarily, this is not something you’ll find me writing about. Technology has not made a massive feature on my blog, BUT this is worth writing and more so, worth using.

Something that wasn’t ever on my radar before moving to Hong Kong was Air-conditioning. Yeah, sure I’d used AC before on holidays and always knew not to make it too cold in case I woke up with a stiff neck or sore body (happened anyway) and that when you come back from an adventure you really need it on full whack.. But living here has made me realise it is something of an essential tool to living.

How many times have you walked into your flat and honestly thought it was hotter inside than it was out? Proceeded to put the AC on, take off all of your clothes and stand there until your clammy skin tingles in icy the air? Yeah, me too. A LOT.

For me though, the real bonus to using the Ambi Climate was the wellbeing of my furry little friend (he still hates me). I feel so awful for him with all his plushy silvery hairs, laying on the marble and trying desperately to cool his fat squishy tummy. Sometimes I go at lunch time to see if he hasn’t dehydrated into a pile of fluffy dust. As the summer warms and the air moistens, we started to leave the AC on.. Yes, for the cat. Judge me not, for I am obsessed with him.

As the electricity bills soared and our guilt subsided, I thought about how the building I help to design in my day job has smart home systems built in, so you can control your house with your smartphone, without even being home. I kind of envied the future tenants of the building I help design. With the Ambi Climate, I don’t have to have a ridiculously expensive system built in to my tiny rented flat, I have all the luxuries of a home smart system with this dinky little thing.

Why Do I Need It Though?

  •  Keep your furry babies cool while you’re out at times that suit you
  • You can activate it using the app on your smartphone before you even get home
  • It gets to know you! It learns about how hot or cold you feel--and even monitors how things like humidity levels affect your comfort. It then automatically adjusts the AC for you, meaning you’ll always be comfortable at whatever hour
  •  You can keep track of how much you’re actually using your AC
  • MONEY SAVING if like me you’re leaving the AC on all day (FOR THE CAT, nothing else)
  •  You can set up Away Mode for holidays, which helps everything – furniture, clothes, you name it – from developing mould. Something we Hong Kongers know all too much about – ugh.

Once you set it up and have everything connected (via WIFI), the app is very simple to use. It does feel a little strange using my phone to control the AC, but does make me feel hella fancy.  

So pets be chilled, mould be gone, comfort enhanced, and money be saved!

A preview of the second edition Ambi Climate, a premium redesign due out later this year, is currently on display at Lane Crawford IFC as part of their showcase Tech brands that improve the way we live.

This post was written collaboratively with Ambi Labs.