Good Music According to Me, Part 2

Someone said the sweetest thing to me last weekend. They said, that ever since hearing my playlist at a little party, that she enjoyed it so much, she followed it, and now proceeds to play it at her own parties and also those of others! I felt so warmed and flattered. 

Then I remembered how much people enjoyed the first installments and so felt inspired to do another! Hope you like them! 


We’re Through, James Pants

This song sort of takes me back to when I would frequent this kind of really disgusting club where the walls were a bit wet and they had an ‘elctro’ room. Happy, gross memories. 



Because, Smerz

That beat honestly makes me wanna get on a table, any table, and do my classic slow Robocop hands while pouting a little bit *woo*



No Harm is Done (feat. Tunji Ige) Christine and the Queens

If you can get past the initial annoying singing bit, I think this song has a lot of very good qualities – I quite like the bit around 50 seconds


Innerbloom, Rufus

Sunset Ibiza song



‘Cause I’m a Man (HAIM Remix), Tame Impala

This is good song turned great via remix


Bind You to My Spell (feat. Witness), The Moderator

Just a good casual jam to slow bob your head to


Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri and Mr. Carmack), Branko

Feel like this a good summertime jam in your underwear in your bedroom or swaying around the garden (if you have one – which of course, I don’t)


Girl, The Internet

I dare you not to like this. It’s sexy and it’s cool, isn’t that what we all want?



This one isn't really on Youtube, but you can listen to it on Spotify here

Friday Sky, Babeheaven

I think I like this song so much because my other half sent it to me and I feel like I hang on every word, because he’s trying to tell me something through the song and that makes me feel nice and loved. But really, he probably just likes the picture of the album cover.  


Hope you loved at least one of these!

Heres a direct link to a playlist where you can find all of these: CLICK ME FOR MUSIC