Good Music According to Me

Whiny girls, a little slow, but ghetto and ERRATIC? Sounds about right.

Whiny girls, a little slow, but ghetto and ERRATIC? Sounds about right.

OK so I haven't posted in a while.. 

Yeah yeah yeah, worst blogger ever - I know. Well in order to ease us all back into Living Anahita's World I thought I'd feed you all some delectable music. 

A couple weeks ago while I was having the time of my life on a Monday, (hot pot followed by a heavy chill session with whiskey) I put on a playlist on and much to my egos' delight, everyone just lapped it right up. 

I know I like my music, but I just LOVE it when other people do too! 

I'm on Spotify - after years and years of resisting and now, thanks to Spotify I can find some amazing tracks from new artists, old artists, hideously famous artists and ridiculously amazing unheard of artists. They aren't even paying me to say this! I'm telling you right now for free.

I hope you guys like these songs - I recommend playing them RIGHT NOW x

Spotify - anahitac

Your Love - Mick Jenkins

 I dare you not to nod along / pout in some way / wave your hand around a bit like Dr. Dre (this is at the top of for good reason)


Love You More - Ben Esser

A classic dance-y vibes tune


Ocean Eyes - Billie Eliish, Astronomyy edit

This song is just so cool, beautiful and amazing - for sure I overplayed it. 


Whats a Girl to Do - Fatima Yamaha 

Reminds me of a night with my homegirls being stupid, cool and down right hilarious until the sun came up.


Float - Round

This is kinda like hanging in a dark room techno Berlin vibe - so basically right up my street.


Bright Side - Mozambo, Basic Tape ft. Julia Church

New age Millenial classic summertime jam - perfect for sunny mornings and life in general.


Planes - Jerimiah 

Listen to this, and you too could Kylie Jenner for 4 mins. Open up Snapchat, and just go for it. 


I Heard - Young Fathers

Kinda chill and cool at the same time - so like, I guess that makes it kinda icy?


Get It All - Karl X Johan, Bam Spacey Remix

This is the kind of song my friends will love and I love too.


Warm and Easy - The 2 Bears

This reminds me of cycling down a sun drenched Ladbroke Grove on the way to the Portobello at 4pm on carefree summer Saturdays. Basically it's the best summer chill song ever made. 


Flicker - Shivum Sharma

Makes me think I'm in some cool cult teenage film shot in Los Angeles - can not believe how few plays this one has. I've saved the best one till last I reckon. 


NEED MORE? Spotify - anahitac

I would LOVE to know which ones (if any) you liked! Let me know below and please let me know if you've heard something awesome recently :) xxx