The 17 Highs of Adult Life

All this talk about "Adulting" in 2016 and the difficulties it presents got me thinking that, although yes, at times, being a grown up has its many downfalls, that there are actually some perks to ageing skin, bigger bills and terrible hangovers. 

So I devised a list of the pros of being an adult:

1. You make healthier* breakfast choices

*still having the occasional left over cold pizza for breakfast is OK

2. Going to the gym because you wanna and also because you kind of have to cus' you're getting fat

3. You know how much money you have at all times

4. Heck, you may even have a savings account, with actual cash money in there!

5. You've settled into your fashion sense, some more than others, but hey, it's all good

6. You aren't shy and awkward at work meetings anymore, probably becasue you've stopped caring

7. You keep and care for a plant, which you've grown to love. Let's just bypass the ones that have died...

8. You plan your Friday's better so that you can have more productive Saturday's

9. You can buy WHATEVER you want at the supermarket with no supervision. This still blows my mind.

10. You can take yourself out for a fancy dinner and pay for your cab home cus' you're too full for anything else ~awesome~

11. You read / listen to things for information. These make your mind richer, and you feel sophisticated.

12. If you want a pet, you can get a pet! 

13. Your skincare is actually well thought out, not full of bubblegum / tutti fruity scented crap that makes your skin smell like a boob tube wearing 15 year old on the Costa Del Sol. 

14. Your vegetable intake is high(er) and this makes you feel healthy AF

15. You can organise holidays with your awesome friends, book flights, hotels, dinners and not have to ask anyones' permission

16. Being friends with who you want to be friends with. Sometimes peoples' personalities develop once they stop being 11 or even 22. Shocking, but it happens, and when it does, it's OK not to want to hang out with these people anymore.

17. You are more comfortable doing what you want to do and not feeling obliged or peer pressured, because hey, you're an adult now!

Hope you enjoyed that little adult pep talk. 

Now get back to work.