2016 Meme Round-up

If you know me in real life, you'll be thrilled to know that I love the Internet. It's actually no surprise I'm sure, and another prized piece of information you can have for free is that I once described the Internet as a hobby. Yep. So it should seem only fitting that I present the world with this - my 2016 meme roundup.


Damn Daniel

This is the internet in it's purest, most nonsensical form. Two 14 year olds winning the internet for a good week. For no good reason. I cant say I didn't enjoy the onslaught of "daaaamn"s that followed it, and I have to admit I was one of them. 

Also, Daniel donated his year long supply of Vans (gifted on the Ellen Show) to children less fortunate. Damn, Daniel, that's sweet. 


I'm Helping

Soaked in controversy, this meme highlighted some deeper political and truly tragic issues going around the world at that time. It kind of struck something with me in that showing solidarty with people, not just the French, but everyone who was and is suffering is important to restoring some faith in humanity. We could all do a little more to 'help'.


The Arthur Revival

Genius, because of course, we (20-somethings and possibly older) are the Arthur generation and so to revive such a hero and solidify him in the meme hall of fame was nothing short of millennial magic. 


Art History

The truly spectacular memes that surfaced for Art History must be commended. They are by a long way my favourite memes. I've put them in the middle of this list because they deserve to be discovered, they have an air of finesse, a higher educational purpose. The best. If you, like me, need more of them - look here


Mr. Krabs Blur

Did nothing make me laugh more than this? Probably. But isn't this panic blur just so relatable? Hail the teen (I always assume it's a teen) that invented the Mr. Krabs Blur.


Meme History

There were quite a few of these hanging around. Some American, many biblical. I do love me a bible tale so I've opted for biblical. Why is it funny? Becasue it's 'true'? 


Conceited Reaction

I didn't even think when I first saw this meme that someone, somewhere was like, "Damn, that's a conceited reaction if I ever saw one. Better meme that up right now." Glad they did, because this is 100% me: 


Evil Kermit

Evil Kermit is all of us. The hood, the Star Wars refernece, it really does have it all. Slightly overdone towards the end of 2016, but this only further solidifies it in the 2016 round up.



For all the idiocies on the internet, Pupper has to be right up there. Making little to no sense at all it truly captures the essence of a modern day viral meme. It's stupid, it's meaningless, it's meme. 


Ernie and Bert

To sum up, I'd like to leave with this:

I love a classic Internet lol.

If you think there's a valuable one I've left out, let me know below!