14 Things I've Learned - My First Year in the Bloggosphere

It's been one whole year since I joined the bloggosphere. Well actually, I had a blog way back in 2012 - Anahita's World, back then, I don't know what was going on in my brain - I think generally I read way more books and was being all ~academic~ - using long words and stuffI guess I take myself a little less seriously now (lazy Anahita, you're lazy). 



So I started this blog with hopes and dreams. Actually I kinda forgot why I started this blog.. I think it had something to do with documenting my life here in Hong Kong in the hope it might be helpful for fellow expats - which started pretty well to be honest. Only in recent months do I tend to write about whatever the hell I want because who's gonna stop me? 

So anyway here are a few things I've learned in these past 12 months about having a blog and being a "blogger".   

1. If you didn’t take a picture – it didn’t really happen.

This is so annoying because its true, and I find it's not just true for blogging either, it's true for life. If you don't take an Instagram in the forest, were you really even there? Think about it.

2. You NEED to plan ahead

OK so I eat out a lot. A LOT. Every day? Every day. I’m a greedy little piggy and when I see my food I wolf it down and sometimes, halfway through I'm like, oh crap – I forgot to Instagram that. Or - oh cruddulus, I totally could have made a blog post out of this but now it's all delicious digested dinner in my belly. Tough luck babe, maybe next time? But I forget almost every time. Plus, unless you're dining with fellow bloggers, most people hate you for waiting to take a perfect picture of a flat-lay of your table once all of the food is there. They won't forgive you and they'll just stop going out for dinner with you. True story. 

3. Outfit posts are hard work

Unless you're an Olsen twin or Kylie Jenner where your stylist lays your clothes out for you and you'll get papped looking fab - it's hard work. I don't have anyone who wants to 'pap' me - although that would be kind of cool - or I guess pretty damn creepy because I'm actually not famous at all. So yeah, looking at my blog, and the lack of fashion posts basically implies I haven’t been dressed since my last fashion post or if I have, I’ve been looking beyond mediocre and photo innaproporate. This isn’t true – I swear. Plus Zara aren't sending me free clothes, which is very disappointing.



4. You open yourself up to the world

When you put your feelings or thoughts online, people want to say something about it. They'll be there with spell checkers and grammar checkers and opinions. So brace yourself. 

5. Not everyone is going to love you

Why? I ask myself all the time. I mean, I like my blog? Is that allowed? My mom thinks it's great so whatever.

6. Blog posts take forever to write

Even if you have a fab idea and hit the ground running, allowing little words to fall from your speedy nimble fingers as you type, you can bet your pretty little ass you'll be there 4 hours later. If you aren't - you're doing something wrong (just kidding). Seriously though, through all of the formatting, making things bold, linking things up, and then putting together a cover image - Zzz boring... Forever.

7. The Blogosphere is saturated

With blogs - duh. There are SO MANY blogs out there and it's pretty easy to feel like a tiny piece of plankton poop in a Pacific ocean of bloggers. You just gotta stick to your guns (blog) and keep on trucking (writing).

8. Pictures aren't enough

I've learned that most people need more from blogs. They don't just want pictures of pretty stuff or yummy food, they want to read about opinions - they want to be entertained.

9. Comparison is the enemy

Uggghhhh OMG like [insert strangers name here]'s blog is amazing and they have at least 18 thousand more followers than me. Yeah, that happens. 

10. People will read what you write

I can't believe that you lovely people are reading what I'm writing. Sometimes here in HK I'll see someone in a bar and they'll be like - "Oh hey I loved that post you did." YOU DID?! One of the best things for me at least, is making people smile or maybe even laugh when they read my blog - or at least be stimulated by it. That really is the best..

11. Halfway through a non related blog activity you'll be like - OOOHHH that would make a fabulous blog post! 

What abut the structure in this building? Oh - sure get rid of it and let's go to that waterfall hike spot! Oh wait, what? 

12. Blogging is addictive

When you do one post, you'll already be thinking of another post. You'll want to write on the go and you'll always be feeding a constant stream of ideas into your notes / notepad. 

13. You gotta be serious

It's all great wanting to blog - but you have to take it pretty seriously - and you can't really be serious about it if you write a post once every two weeks (guilty). Even if you want to blog for fun, it's a good idea to get into the habit of writing a post at least once a week. 

14. It's a great way to document your life for yourself

This is by far the best thing about blogging. I have a little corner of the internet that's all mine. My personal space just for me. I can come back and look at these posts in the future and remember how it was to live life - not to mention my friends and family can see what I'm up to / eating / finding on the internet. 


So yeah! There you have it - I'm still learning loads every day and I'd like to get better at focusing my blog posts - but I think that will come in time when I begin to write more and more. Hope you've been enjoying my blog for the year! :) 

Do let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of! x