16 Fads for Epic Faddy Fadsters that sum up our Fad obsessed generation (Mid 2015)

So, naturally, like the rest of our generation and those that came before us - I'm all up in that social media grill. I really, really love it. Instagram is my jam - you might catch me on a Friday night going straight past the formalities of name asking and going straight to the - "Hi! Are you from Hong Kong? Do you have Instagram?" Awkward? Always. Normal - slightly more so these days. Worrying? Totally. Yet how can we help ourselves? We live in a social sharing media world.

I've been lurking on pinterest now a few months - I really like it, but I've been wondering.. When will it get old? When will we tire of the same old 'must see interiors' and 'inside a fashionistas wardrobe / shoebox / handbag / sock drawer / waxy ear hole'? What's new? There's just too much of everything nowadays.

Even my Mom knows what a meme is. I remember those unproductive days in second year at architecture school - better known to us architects as 'the least productive / least exciting / least stressful year in architectural education' - not sure why, but it just is. I had a lot of free time back then and spent most of it being highly entertained by Tumblr (I'm still wildly in love with it) and StumbleUpon (my love for this faded like a Topshop lipstick). This epic waste of time in 2009 is when the meme really rocketed into it's galactical journey around the facebookosphere and into our little squares of instajoy. 6 years later, how much more entertained can we be? Aren't we over it yet? What are the new things? Now that we share almost everything, I'm dying to know what's next. 

I don't have answers - because I'm just a little person too obsessed with food, architecture and having fun to dig any deeper - but I did compile a list of things that I think are pretty faddy right now. Things we will get bored of, have gotten bored of - wish would just go away.

Here they are in all their epic faddy glory:


Keep calm and stop it now. Enough is enough.


Beards - Oh good lord I hope this dies and never comes back.


BAE. Bae died ok? 


Game of Thrones (this may be related to the fact that I haven't actually seen it.. I've already managed to offend a few people with this on the list - sorry?)


Doc Martins - only cool if you're about that punk-rock life and / or paint mid week


Fake mustaches at parties - why? (130% guilty)

                               oh my god i mean, come on!

                               oh my god i mean, come on!


Perscription eye wear with no perscription. I've seen a guy wearing them - sans lens - you look like you're going to fancy dress party, without the dress and totally without the 'fancy'.  Take them off. 


Miley Cirus - doomed to become the next Amanda Bynes - just with more Instagram followers.


Crazy mental working out. I hope this dies down at some point. I think working out has become trendy and in turn, taken over from keeping fit. It's become more of an obsession. Don't get me wrong, I love abs! I think I had one once but one too many dinners at the cinema (yes that's right) scared it away. Men are men! Women are women! What happened to the beauty of sensuality? The wonder of voluptuousness? The softness that made the Renaissance man want to take a wife? Stop eating like a cave man and start living like a person.

Oh woe begone for I appear to have lost my thigh gap

Oh woe begone for I appear to have lost my thigh gap


Over drawn lips - either its going to die, or we'll all go à la Kylie Kardashian and have lips injections till they erupt from our cheeks like a greedy hamster with bulimia. 


Mason jars - yeah yeah yeah, recycle, up-cycle, don't care. Unless you're a student / hippie / quirky odd ball - move on or start making jam. You decide. 

Click for mason jar joy - if you  must

Click for mason jar joy - if you must



Skittles rainbow hair - kinda cool - but more like - taste the fades in 3 washes.


Frozen - a fad with longevity - and rightly so. I wanna build snowman and Disney is for life - apart from that one about Atlantis - that one sucked. 


Sliders - slide that miniscule more bread than meat thing off the table and give me a real burger.


Numbered lists...

Seriously though. How many more until we start listing up super specific events like, '12 things only you can remember from being in the womb' / '23 reasons why we love lists'?Here's a couple just for starters: 

Terrible awesome slogans

Not sure if this one is ridiculous or genius 


go away

go away

Kayne West. Ok maybe he's not a fad, but I wish he would fade into some sort of showbiz abyss. 


Bonus round

And then we have the more (worryingly) permanent fads - the ones we thought would die before our dignity, but - OH NO! These bad boys look like they're here to stay:

Snap chat - seriously. Aren't we all self obsessed enough without sending our colleagues, moms, BFF's, friends, acquaintances, that guy you met one time at that bar and a monkey's uncle a video of your most ridiculous face, held at a jaunty angle with some clueless strangers lurking in the background? No? Oh OK, go on then, one more for that friend I made at Freshers week 9 years ago that never snaps back. 

Selfies - this one can stay - the modern self portrait if you will.

Feminism - not a fad - also wildly misunderstood as it appears. Will blog about this later.

It seems as though this faddy fadster list has become something of a room 101 for my personal pet peeves.. Although perhaps that is what makes up the fadster world? peeves and a whole stockroom of peoples discarded 101s.

Anything else you think I should have thrown in there? Rihanna's bad attitude? x