Greetings fellow Friday friends! This weeks list is one of high humor and warmheartedness. I've been thinking a lot about what it means to laugh and the importance of humour in every day life. I found this extract on the world wide web and I thought it summed my feelings exactly:

Humor is serious business. Sure, there's simple comedy like a pie in the face or an Adam Sandler movie, but a lot of jokes display real intellect, and despite much reflection and experimentation—both in labs and on stages—no one has yet discovered a unified theory of hilarity.



This weeks song is one I have been listening to over and over and OVER. I just love the lyrics, I think they are so poetic and beautiful. When I'm listening to it I think to myself, what a lucky girl - the girl he is singing about. He's CLEARLY head over heels in love with her and it's just perfect. So yeah. this is my song for the week.




There's kind of a personal story attached to my love of pigs on the beach - It doesn't matter - code for - super lame and I wont divulge. Anyway, I love them. Pigs at the beach that is. 


I had this friend at school, I always thought that her humour was a bit more advanced than mine because she used big words and witty puns when we sat next to each other in English Literature. She used to bang on about Ricky Gervais and how funny The Office was. I didn't even bother watching it because I had a preconception that it sucked - Ricky Gervais in general annoyed me. Well, the thing is I was wrong. Sorry babe. He’s amazing. 

I've started watching the Ricky Gervais Show. Oh boy, it's good. I listen to it at work, but love coming home to watch the animated version. It's simply hilarious. 

It's just too good!


So, serious humour.. But this time, THIS time - these cracked me up beyond my wildest lol dreams. Renaissance lols. I love a good Renaissance lol - and this list, oh praise you, almighty Buzz Feed - for it excels in some of the best ones I've ever seen. I found some of them so funny, so good, so perfectly fitting that I couldn't get enough laugh out. Do you know what I mean? When something is so funny that you can't laugh enough? 

Please oh please, take a look - and then it's imperative that you get in touch and let me know if you didn't find it funny, so I can explain to you why it is.

27 Times Tumblr Used Art History Perfectly To Make A Point AKA - the best list of all time.

This one, is also pretty amazing. It just reconfirms my love of Tumblr. 



Tung Po Resturant

When a friend got in touch last week and asked if we wanted to go for dinner at Tung Po, naturally I said yes. I've heard about how fun the restaurant was and how you drink beer from bowls - not to mention that the food is amazing.

Hidden away on the second floor of the North Point Municipal building (every region in Hong Kong has a municipal building - which is usually made up of markets: fish, meat, veg and then cooked food) - Tung Po is on the 2nd floor in the cooked food area. 

Full of locals, expats and a few tourists - the restaurant is kind of a Hong Kong staple. You may have to make a booking - call between 2pm and 5pm - medium service, busy, wet floors, amazing food and super fun - prepare to be drunk and full. You will not be disappointed!

So tell me...


Did you lol? You did, didn't you? - winky face*