21 Things That Have Happened to You After Moving to the +852

Hong -so good it's almost wrong- Kong

Hong -so good it's almost wrong- Kong

1. You surprise yourself when you say out loud how long you've been here. I'M NEVER LEAVING THIS ADULT PLAYGROUND! (I mean tax haven - what?) 

2. Ice water? What is ice? Why do I want ice in my water? Put the kettle on babe, I'm having a HOT WATER! Yeah! 

3. You've just stopped buying poly blends. Why bother.  

4. Hello welcome! Thank you-bye bye! Wait.. What? Oh I'm saying it too now am I?

5. Waving in people's faces because why not

6. Allergies. You now have allergies - to what? It doesn't matter cus you got em'.  

7.  More layers at work. Who wants to be cold inside when it's 34 degrees and humid outside?

8. You have collected stickers from the supermarket or you're seriously considering claiming the freebie. Got my knife - have you got yours? 

9. Cash money and credit cards. After your first few weeks here when you felt like an undermined 15 year old because all that your EPS / Union Card could pay for was a whole lot of NOTHING.

10. Pit stops in Sasa or similar just to cool down and stop those spreading beads of sweaty horror. 

11. You've fallen victim to adult activities. Such include: couples tennis, golf, fishing (yes really) hiking and days at the beach which don't even include alcohol. 

12. You buy tissues, so many tissues. So many uses! 

13. You know better than to enter a taxi with a $500 note

14. If some hands you something with one hand you kind of get offended.

15. You've totally nailed the art of double handing someone your business card while accepting theirs.

16. You are now a foodie and seek out excellent food even at lunch times, because we are all about the food in the 852.

17. You've learnt how to avoid walking in order to take the shortest, coolest routes possible - which will probably involve going through someones office building to use the lift to save ONE flight of stairs.

18. Having said that, you absolutely cane it at the gym / yoga at least twice a week, not to mention the weekend hikes.

19. Cooking at home will be this thing that you vaguely remember as being stressful and washy-upy.

20. You become an expert at refining your taste in people, thus allowing you to make excellent choices when choosing friends. 

21. You forgot what life was like before Hong Kong. A life without beaches, hikes, mountains, the sea, the parties, the buildings, the people, the ability to eat basically anything, from any cuisine, whenever the hell you want and that damn escalator which makes our Hong Kong world go around. 


Don't you just love HK? x