Top 10 Favourite Films

So here they are, honestly, truly, my top 10 films - not in any particular order. They are on this list because I love them, I have watched them 10 times or more and could watch them 10 more. Apart from the third one, which I've only watched 4 times - but I am working on this.


Dragon, the Bruce Lee Story, 1994

THE BRUCE LEE STORY! It's seriously amazing OK? It made me want to do Kung Fu (which I did for 7 years) and sometimes I still do horse riding stance and punch sets in the bathroom.

The film is based on Bruce's wife, Linda Lee Cadwell's biography, 'Bruce Lee, The Man Only I knew'. The film portrays his life and journey to America after being temporarily exiled from Hong Kong after a fighting incident, and then back to Hong Kong, returning as a hero and in international star. As well as capturing the key moments from his life, it also shows a side almost unimaginable - his personal life - his family life, his career and a love story, a really beautiful love story.

It is a very inspirational film. Perhaps if it were not for this film, I might not even be in Hong Kong right now.. Scary thought HUH? Thanks Mom for recording it off of the TV for me on a VHS so I could watch it every Saturday morning until VHS Players became obsolete. 


Notting Hill, 1999

I love the film. I love the story, I love the place. Julia Roberts is gorgeous and the film, well, it makes the whole wide world feel special. If you don't like this film - you are broken. Plus, It reminds me of a most spectacular time of my life in W11. 

I love love LOVE happy endings <3

I love love LOVE happy endings <3


Godzilla, 2014

I don't even really need to say anything about this, surely? 

Who dosen't love Ken Wantanabe?&nbsp;

Who dosen't love Ken Wantanabe? 


Pocahontas, 1995


When John Smith says to Pocahontas - "I'd rather die tomorrow than live 100 years with knowing you." It blew my 9 year old world and took me a fair few years to actually understand what it meant. Wow. I find it refreshing thinking about it now, when Pocahontas says to John that they have loads of gold, and then shows him some maize - thats how it should be, no? The film also has some awesome messages about the earth and how everything has a spirit and a soul. A great message for any child / grown-up.


Superbad, 2007

This film seriously resonates with me and I'm not even sorry to the sheer volume of people I've made watch it over the years, while I tell them to wait for the next bit and then laugh hysterically. It gets better every time. Check-it-


Princess Mononoke, 1997


(Pronounced - Mon-oh-no-kay) Hayao Miyazaki does it every time. Directed and written by him, it is one of my favourite Studio Ghibli films. I think there was a point where I watched this film every night for about a week - and it wasn't just me either. It was the highest grossing film in Japan until Titanic.

It is a beautiful visualisation of the turmoil in Japan around the 14th Century where modernisation and industry were threatening the land and its natural wonderfulness. Mononoke, like so many of Miyazaki's films, have several deeper, hidden messages about people and how we interact with one another, our environment and the spiritual world.

The Forest Spirit

The Forest Spirit

Bad Ass

Bad Ass


The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999

OMG have you seen this film? Matt Damon is the best actor ever and wow. Just wow. He blows me away in this movie - I am completely and utterly convinced by his character. At the end of the film SPOLIER ALERT - don't watch the video below - I feel sad for him, that scene where's he playing the piano in Venice? One of the best scenes of all time. The characters are all so well cast and the film is pure brilliance. Plus the film is set in my all time favourite holiday destination. Italy ❤️

There is a lot of gorgeous going on here.

There is a lot of gorgeous going on here.


The Last Samurai, 2003

OK. So Tom Cruise is really not my favourite actor, by a long shot - but, I do love him in this film. Obnoxious and narrow minded at first and then slowly, he begins to convince you that he is a changed man. He learns a lot about Japanese culture and the end of the film is very moving. I also enjoy the historical aspect of the film, learning about the Japanese Empire and the transition of traditions. The cinematography isn't bad either.


The Little Mermaid, 1989

Oh come on, did you really think that I wouldn't have more than one Disney film on here? What's not to like? She's a mermaid, her best friend is a chubby stoner fish - her dad is king triton, she has a gorgeous voice AND she marries Eric! The most eligible of all the Disney men, and I have personally set myself the task of meeting a real life Eric (think I did pretty well to be honest)

Dreamboat central or what?

Dreamboat central or what?




Oceans Eleven

Did you know, this is a re-make of the 1960's film Oceans 11? No? Me neither.. Well anyway, it is, where Danny Ocean is played by non other than Frank Sinatra. 

The film is witty, clever and sexy. The cast are perfect and the plot is very engaging. It's such an entertaining film!

So there you have it. My top 10 favourite films. I hope that if there are any on there you haven't seen, that you might go and watch it this week - and then let me know if you loved it or just really really liked it. 

What are your fave films? Any recommendations? x