20 Things: You Know You Live in Hong Kong When...

So you've been here. You live here - you're from here. These are things that only people living in the most awesome city ever will know all too well...

1  Is that place new? I think it's new. Shall we go somewhere new? There is NEVER a shortage of somewhere new to eat.

2  Having said that, you frequent BEP way more than you should.




3  Oh sweet baby Jesus it's so cold! I don't even remember how it feels to be English right now.


4  You have a dehumidifier and are thinking about a second.

5  It took you at least a month to get on a level with your air conditioning unit, but honestly, you still don't really know how it works.



Going to three different supermarkets is normal to get your weekly (daily) shop.

7  You barely ever go food shopping for this exact reason.

8  TST, CWB and LKF are too easy to say and you never use the real names.

9  The Peak is NEVER overrated and any excuse to go up there is awesome and LETS GO NOW

10  You still can't figure out why taxis don't like you.

11  If you can't walk there, pretty much you don't go there.

12  They greyness - oh, the greyness.


13  And then there's always the changeability of weather, which is super fun to dress for.


14  You've started referring to China as 'Mainland'


15  You've felt the pure thrill / horror of riding a 'mini bus' - I swear the max speed limit is 80khm?!


16  You've gathered quite the selection of umbrellas, most of which are gloriously designed by 7-11, because you're out for a stroll (alcohol / food / work) and then the heavens unleash a watery wrath upon all of Hong Kong - and its people thrust themselves, like a swarm of tiny dying creatures into crevices of 7-11 to raid the stock of beige or brown brollies dry. Wow. Got a bit carried away there.

17  24 hour ramen. TWENTY FOUR HOURS!

18  Speaking to a total stranger, "Oh OK, yeah, take my number!" two days later "Come and meet me at this restaurant opening!" "OK!" <Forms new best friend that will probably come to your wedding>

19  Tim Hao? Where? That's too far for me.

20  You love Hong Kong so much and sometimes the thought of going back to wherever, or leaving, saddens you so deeply that you can't begin to imagine a life outside of this perfect city that you now call home.

Thank you Hong Kong and thank you everyone I've met here, who is a neighbour (literally) and also a friend. <3 xxx