25 Things You've Never Noticed About London

Like a lucky gem, I was in London for the last two weeks working from the London office, and as I roamed around the city which I used to live, I realised that I was looking at the capital in a way I never had before.. With fresh, happy little jet-lagged eyes, seeing all of the things I'd never noticed before..

1. Black cabs are unacceptably expensive, like, how can anyone afford to travel that way? Uber's are just as annoying as ever mind you, NO I don't have a postcode for Piccadilly Circus. 

2. There are far too many homeless people :(  If there's anything you think you can do to help, please do it. Buying someone breakfast, a sandwich or volunteering can do so much. 

3. There's is a definitive London fashion style. Mostly leather below the knee boots and some sort of legging type trouser with a jumper. Not quite as fashion forward as I remembered. 

4. People are in a massive rush for some reason - all the time. All day - every day. 

5. If the sun shines, you can bet your ass that people will smile and eating outside will be suggested - in November

6. Boots (pharmacy) is actually amazing and it dominates for good reason - I love you Boots.

7. There is ornament everywhere and this makes the buildings so unbelievably pretty.

8. Banks look like this:

9. There are so many London accents, babe / darling / love.

10. Drinks are expensive. Like waay expensive. 

11. Having said that, things close waaaay to early - stay open and take my money!

12. Lunch is stupidly rigid. What if I'm hungry and 12? What if I want to eat at 2:30? Forget it - total taboo.

13. People seem to be buying excessive amounts of furniture? There are adverts all over town, on the TV, in the newspapers.. Why? how much furniture are you guys buying?

14. There is so much cultural diversity. I think of all of the citites I've ever been, London has the most evenly spread diversity of nationalities. 

15. Small talk and banter with strangers is the bane of British existence. 

16. The Thames is a magical (all be it filthy) place.

20. You're never more than 20 meters away from a franchise

21. Puddles. Oh the puddles. The worst are the 2 day old ones, where the water is darker than Voldemort's soul. 

22. Awkward "excuse me"'s and "I'm sorry"'s are often just a cover up for saying 'get the F out of my way you bothersome swine'

23. British history is awesome and it's littered all over the city like windows into a wittier time where ale and mead prevailed over Nando's and rose

but the humour remains the same

but the humour remains the same

24. Pubs - there are so many pubs and they are amazing places for loitering, catching up and eating your dinner through numerous bags and different flavours of crisps. 

25. How lucky everyone is to be living there. I love you London, I'll be back one day to roam your narrow cobbled streets, tip-toe around your dirty little puddles, marvel at the historic charm and return the warm awkward smiles of those 8 million Londoners. 

Is there anything you've noticed about the city you live in? Something you love about London? Hong Kong? The world?!