Overheard at Architecture School

As I embark upon my Part 3 *yay more* I was thinking about those good old days at architecture school and how they were the best of times and the very worst of times. I'm not sure that I would do it all again, but I had one hell of a ride! Here are some of the things I overheard in my million years at architecture school.


"OMFG I hate architecture"

"I just don't ever see how I could do anything else, architecture is who I am now."

"My tutor is such a moron, I hate him"

"I literally love my tutor so much"

"I slept on the floor last night so I wouldn't get too comfy"

"Can you see them, over there? They're actually enjoying themselves." - "Give them time"

"Has anyone got a pencil?"

"I've had so much red bull I'm gave myself palpitations just walking here"

"Undergrads can do everything these days. I remember being impressed when I drew in pen"

"DON'T eat that! That's my 3am reward" 

"Oh you look nice today" *brushed hair*

"How do you 'un-hide' in Rhino?"

"My mom called me in the middle of my tutorial and said it was urgent" - "Why? what happened?" "I don't know yet, it was a long tutorial"

"A Sketch? A SKETCH? Don't ever bring me a sketch again" - tutor

"I'll sell you my drawing." ... "How much?"

"Can I borrow some of your super expensive roll? I only have to print off 19 sheets of A1"

"Is that cow to scale?"

"I really think it's time you stopped wearing that blanket now."

"I bulk ordered noodles so I don't have to leave my house"

"Hi Mr. Pizza man - OMG! How did you know it was me? ... Yeah ....Yeah, ok - no only three cokes this time"

"Would you rather fail or make an ugly building?" *thinks really hard* "..Fail"

"I can't do it"

"I need a new computer"

"I saw a mouse in the studio last night and I think it pooped on your desk." 

"How long did it take you to do that?"

More time spent planning the crit then actually working for it

More time spent planning the crit then actually working for it

"It's good enough. Right?"

"I'm going down to the 2nd floor for a nap." - "Again?"

"How many pages are you pinning up...?"

"Can I just use that printer for like, a second?"

"Lets all sleep in the same room!"

"How did you make that model?"

"I've been trying to look at their work, but I can't do it because it'll make me depressed"

"Are you using that blu-tack?"

"I think if you sort of squint and imagine, it looks really beautiful"

"What time did you go to bed last night?"

"Why are there so many beers on your desk?"

Beers happened a lot. A LOT.

Beers happened a lot. A LOT.

"Oh shit, why didn't you save it before you rendered it?" - the most unhelpful comment of all time

"OMG my computer crashed"

"Did you hear that there's a puppy in the studio?" "Yes" "Don't you wanna see?" "Why will it do my work for me?"

"I went to bed like a few days ago and I'm OK"

"F This and F that"

"I'm like lord of the CAD, CAD of the rings"

"Last night I had this dream that I was in my model and I was fixing it with my hands and it was so much faster"

"You ever thought how easy it would be if you could go inside the computer and just draw it yourself?"

"I just feel so motivated right now"

"Why am I doing this? I should have done fashion instead. I like clothes"

"UGH my computer is SO SLOW"

"OK so, grey, grey, dark grey or this medium grey?"

"Can I borrow a USB?" *loses it forever*

"Are you going to the lecture?" 

"Why isn't the pub open yet?"

"We're banned from the pub."

When banned from the pub, open an in-studio bar

When banned from the pub, open an in-studio bar

"Form will always outlive function" - as said by the most inspirational men I may ever meet. Marcos Cruz and Marjan Colletti (I loved my tutors)

OH architecture school - nothing can evoke that many emotions in a person. Sometimes we hated it, but more than anything, we are in love with it. 

What have you over heard at architecture school? x