Interior Inspiration for Hong Kong

After writing up my one year in Hong Kong - a brief history, I've been thinking about how much I enjoy being a home body. I really love spending time at home with the fluff ball and my man. I've been wanting to make our home a little more organised and relish in our surrounding with some Oriental pieces and lush greens.

I'm thinking - Modern Colonial with a hint (OK ok smothering) of tropical forest - In Hong Kong? Groundbreaking - I know. 

Below are a mix of ideas I've been thinking about to make our home a little more cosy and a lot more grown up.


1. Our little living room means we have just enough room for a skinny console table - which I think would benefit from having some of these wicker storage baskets underneath


2. Love the styling on this console table - although is that a container of wooden spoons..? 


3. One lage statement plant  in the corner or up against a wall to bring the outside in


4. Dark wood and greens to make the space feel cosy


5. I would so love to paint a wall a rich dark colour like this - but I fear it might make our small flat seem even smaller.. 


6. Another coloured wall with an antique console table - very grown up and very chic


7. Nothing says colonise a nation like a good old vintage map! -minus the zebra skin of course


8. Coloured glass vases for assorted leaves is my new favourite thing ever - simple, cheap and so effeective

hanging orchids blog interior.jpg

9. Love hanging orchids for the bathroom or any room actually - luckily they do really well in Hong Kong


10. Love these little green dishes from Zara Home - I think little key pieces like this help to tie in the whole theme


11. Bedside table styling with air purifying plants for the Hong Kong air - been wanting a mug with 'A' on it since time began, but I still don't have one!


12. I think with all of the plants and bits and bobs that white linen is really the only way to go


So there you have it, a few ideas for our little Hong Kong home! 

How do you feel about green? x