You know you're growing up when..

1. Wine

2. Sunday is cleaning day, and you don't even care

3. You love buying presents. For your home

4. There are different calibre's of coffee and when you find a good one you're all like

5. Babies no longer trigger that reaction of blankness and 'I feel nothing for this baby'

6. Recipes make you happy, and Jamie Oliver makes you very happy indeed

7. Doing a day time activity which involves walking outside on a Saturday potentially trumps getting incoherent in a dingy bar later that evening

8. Wine - so nice you need it twice

9. The feel of comfy socks on your skin makes you want to go home right now

10. Cooking oil is not limited to one type, in fact, neither is olive oil. Added chillies? Added garlic? Extra virgin? Extra virgin WITH garlic?! Get in my basket.. 

11. Dietary requirements. You swear it's the post lunch lull and not that totally white wheat feast you had. Go on, have a rocket coffee to counter act your ageing digestive system. 

12. When someone brings cake at work, you actually remember how much you love your desk buddy and that everything is ok with the world

13. Quality slowly starts to dominate over quantity. Whats that? Caught yourself wondering aimlessly around Marks and Spencers? Nowhere near the food? You're not lost? It's ok, I like the jumpers in there too.

14. Waking up early has its perks, and when you do it, you feel like a magical power hero

15. You actually can not understand the next generation. I did not have a "cheat day" when I was 16, I was living a cheat life and I did not dress that well, and I did not know how to do my hair. Thank you Instagram for making me feel awful, less sophisticated and a little old. Whatever, right? Lets put on our comfy socks, our new M&S pyjamas and whip out that 2 day old bottle of chablis.


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