A Wonderful place to go any day of the week! The gold at the end of the rainbow is the worlds largest seated Buddha. The cable car ride there is pretty intense too!

If you take the MTR, Tung Chung line all the way to Tung Chung, you will arrive at Lantau Island. If you arrive at a good time, earlyish in the morning, you could hike to the Buddha, I didn't do it this time, because we arrived quite late in the day, and plus, we really wanted to ride the cable car! 

When you come out of the station, you are greeted with some immense residential units. Cue Instagram! The cable car ride is really something. Long spans over water, with green and lush mountains, a view of the entire airport - and then you catch glimpses of the Buddha!

There are places to eat and drink in the 'village' leading up to the Buddha. 

There are over 200 steps up to the top too!

And yours truly, overlooking an overwhelmingly beautiful backdrop.