Plants Make Everything Better

Do you love plants? Are you lacking plants in your life? Do you just need to feel green?

Look no further! GET SOME PLANTS!

I think there's something very wonderful about taking care of a plant in your home. Watering it, watching it grow, maybe it will even make a new leaf! It can be seriously rewarding - sometimes I think maybe that's even a bit selfish? I have a plant, it makes me feel good - that sounds kind of selfish right? Lol. Whatever. 

We have a lot of plants in our house (room) in Hong Kong and it really helps to make our little place homely and lovely. On Sundays I have 'Plant Hospital' - this is where I take all the plants into the kitchen and check them carefully for signs of progress or upset. I water them all and trim bits of dead stuff off and I think they are all really happy. 

Honestly, I do believe that plants make everything better and so, here are some Grade A pics of plants and interiors to prove it (all taken from my pintrest - which by the way I am getting more and more obsessed by - ALL THE DIY PROJECTS)

So after this dose of interiors and plants, are you feeling inspired?