Date your mates

You see someone across the room. You’re instantly drawn to them.. You think they have that special something. You see something in them, that you see in yourself. Could it be.. Can we be.. friends? 

I’m a people person, and one of the things I miss most are my mates. I love hanging out and I love laughing, so naturally, my go-to buddies being 7 or 12 hours behind me and thousands of miles away can be a little dampening on your spirit. But, fear not! There’s something new and fun that you can do when you move away, and that is dating new people - for friendship. 

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve had to do. Moving to a new city often means you can encounter spells of lollies (typo so good I had to keep it - I meant loneliness) and a city as large as Hong Kong, or any city for that matter, can be so terribly daunting. Hong Kong however, has this amazing attribute - all of the expats here are friendly. They too, know what it's like to be lonely, and as a result, everyone makes a special effort with new people and its just so wonderful that they do. Although, those first few weeks can be tricky...

It’s a weird world, of texting - to smiley face or not to smiley face? One kiss or two - or none?! Drinks or dinner? You don’t want to come across as a drinker, are they drinkers?! Shall I call them? What if they don’t answer? Oh woe begone! Fear not, because they most likely have been in the same position, and they too, want a cocktail buddy or a tennis pal. So be fearless, ask for their number, tell them you’re new. They’ll love you for your bravery and you’ll be so glad you did. Cheers to the next date!

Some Date Mate activities:

Ladies night, an excellent excuse to enjoy the plethora of free drinking options for women all around the city. Choose your choice!

Check out Life Style Asia, for their sophisticated list of watering holes and also Sassy Hong Kong for a more comprehensive - but not so up-to-date list

Here’s a photo of me and my first friend I made in Hong Kong, we dated and I’ve even back to her place!