Blogging is hard

So, I'm like, I'll start a blog, because I like writing and taking pictures and whatever.

I had / have a few blogs already (embarrassingly) here, here and even here

When I moved to Hong Kong, I spent my first few weeks looking at blogs, in what was probably the first time ever. Back in the beginning, I wouldn't really seek out other blogs, because honestly, then I wasn't interested. It's a funny thing how you get into them. All it really takes is one good blog to get you thigh deep in other people's home decorations and fashion wish lists until next thing you know you've bookmarked so many that you start to make folders to categorise the ones you love.

Back to the point - I decided to write a 'proper' blog of my own, after looking around for a Hong Kong guide blog, for someone like me - new, expat, without clothes, hungry, thirsty and all be it, infrequently, in search of some interesting architectural info. I didn't really find one. This is why I wrote my own, in the hope that there might be, I don't know, say 4 other people that will want to read it?

I had a few posts already lined up in my head. I wrote away, days turned into weeks, planning posts and gathering photos, thinking of fun things to write about, remembering where I went on travels and cursing myself for not taking more photos - or terrible photos for that matter. 

And then, poof. It was all done! 

But then oh no. The posts are written, the blog is live and then you play - sit and wait. Why aren't I being followed by a bajillion people? Does the world not like my blog? Is it not informative enough? Should I have more outfit posts? Blogging is hard. It mentally challenges you to look at life from a different perspective, almost as if you're looking outside of the box, that you're not even allowed in. Writing about new material too, that takes time. If I don't have my phone on me, I fear I wont be able to write my new thoughts down somewhere, because I really feel like I'm one in one out all the time with things in my head.

So to sum up, I'm going to keep at it, try hard to write engaging posts for you lovely people of the world, keep writing posts about all of the things I love (I know there are quite a few, but hey, I have a lot of love to give!) And so not to feel dampened, I have to keep in mind why I started this blog, and hopefully, the rest, it will come.