Potentially and quite possible the most beautiful part of the built world I have ever been to. Every gorgeous, leafy, azure corner I turned I would say "dreams come true here".

This was the first port of call on an Italian driving tour. No no, there are no Alpha Romeos, no drop tops, no silk scarves. It's a straight forward road trip! It's something we really enjoyed doing the previous summer, and this time, we wanted to do a driving tour of Italy. I adore Italy, I go often because I'm lucky enough to have an uncle that lives in Rome and some friends that are from Florence - it's one of my most favourite countries to holiday in, all times of the year.

I've always wanted to go to Portofino, and when planning this road trip, I was so excited that we could factor it into the journey. After a long drive through rainy France and a long drive through the mountains, we reached the Italian border, where the clouds had cleared and the weather looked promising, our spirits were up and onwards to Portofino!

As we turned off the motorways and headed down towards the coast, the landscape was getting more and more beautiful. Green, lush, with glimpses of gorgeous sea until we reached the low and winding road that will take us to Portofino.

When we arrived and but our bags down at Hotel Natzionale, the sun was just going down, and boy, was it beautiful. This was our view as we approached the port. 

Portofino is actually a teeny tiny place, and to be honest, any more than 2 nights there and you may be a little bored. We walked to neighbouring villages and swam in the crystal clear waters, ate pizza and had aperitivo. Aperitivo is without question the best thing about Italy. It's that time of the day, before you go out for dinner, when it's time for a cocktail or glass of wine with a few nibbles, to get your appetite going. Dreamsville or what?! 

There's a lovely town thats about 5.5 miles north of Portofino called Rapallo, if you're up for it, it's a really wonderful walk with some breathtaking views of the coastline. 

Paraggi, another bay / village has a beach where you can swim. We opted for the rock option, where we lay our towels down and jumped straight off into the wonderful water.

Eat pasta with genovese pesto, drink white wine, eat fish, swim, walk, love life and live a dream.